About International Relations Graduate (MA) Program

The Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations is a two-year program that aims to provide its graduates with the fundamental principles of international relations, and the skill set to evaluate international relations from multiple viewpoints and the academic competence to develop in-depth analyses in the field. The program, thus, targets training graduate students who are competent both in domestic and foreign policy analysis, masterful in conceptual and theoretical perspectives, specialized in their field, capable of analytical thinking and adapting to the dynamics of globalization processes, and equipped with the necessary academic tools to compete in the international arena. The medium of instruction of the program is English.

Students who have completed the Master of Arts in International Relations program earn the degree of “Master of Arts”, abbreviated as M.A.

Criteria for Successful Completion of the Program

The successful completion of the program requires submission and approval of a Master’s Thesis (60 ECTS) as well as having completed 8 courses (4 compulsory and 4 elective), totaling 60 ECTS in the allotted time period indicated in the Graduate Education Directory.

Program Objectives and Structure

The field of international relations no longer deals exclusively with inter-state relations but also includes the analyses of interactions among societies, civil society organizations, transnational actors, and individuals. The Department of International Relations, thus, seeks to train its students to develop the necessary skills to assess the multilevel networks of relations on the global scene, conduct interdisciplinary research with theoretical and thematic explanations, and adapt themselves to the dynamics of ongoing globalization.

To that end, the Master of Arts in International Relations Program pays special attention to ensuring that its graduates are not only able to apply theoretical thinking to analyzing and evaluating a wide range of issues in the field of international relations but also possess the tools necessary to conduct solid scientific research. The compulsory courses offered during the first two semesters such as international relations theories and research methods reflect this focus. The students are then able to choose from a wide range of courses available, and concentrate their studies on topics of their choice.

Please see our curriculum for course descriptions and the list of elective courses.

Why choose this program?

  • The program seeks to prepare students for further graduate studies, as well as for professional life in international, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, the foreign ministry, and think tanks.
  • Distinguished faculty with a wide variety of research interests allows students to choose from a large pool of topics to concentrate their studies.
  • The students have the opportunity to take courses and/or conduct research in prestigious partner institutions and universities.
  • We provide job and internship opportunities in NGOs, research centers, and think tanks. Students can also participate in Erasmus internship programs and work at EU-funded projects during their studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Doing MA in International Relations at Yaşar University

Question: I graduated from a department where I studied 100% English. Do I need to submit an English language test result when applying for a Master’s degree at Yaşar University’s Department of International Relations?

It is not necessary if it has not been -3- years since your graduation. You can upload your document stating that you have received 100% English education to the system during the application, instead of a foreign language document.

Question: In which areas is it possible to specialize in Yaşar University International Relations Master’s program?

Answer: Our academic staff specializes in migration, war and conflict, global governance, European studies, sustainability, climate change, Balkan politics, Turkish Foreign Policy, foreign policy analysis.

Question: Can I write a thesis on the subject I want?

Answer: We do not restrict students to study areas. If you want to work in a very specific field, for example, we can sometimes provide external peer consultancy, reach the right people from our own networks on subjects that are not our area of ​​expertise, and direct theses by getting help from them. In choosing the thesis topic, both the interests of the students and the opinions of the professors you will work with are important.

QuestionDoes your graduate curriculum consist only of compulsory courses? Or do you offer elective courses, too?

Answer: There are both compulsory and elective courses in Yaşar University International Relations Graduate Program curriculum.

Question: When we want to go abroad with Erasmus in the second year while doing a master’s degree, do we have to stay for a semester or a whole year? How does the process work?

Answer: The student who is entitled to go abroad with Erasmus can go to the universities listed at https://erasmus.yasar.edu.tr/partners/ and have a second cycle exchange agreement with our department in accordance with the time limits included in the agreement.